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About me
I’m an experienced and driven futurist passionate about automation, innovation, and decentralization. My career has taken me down a path optimized to engage and contribute to the Web3 movement. I started as a software developer, grew into a scaled program Agilist specializing in org design, and am now maturing as a DAO summoner and operator. I’m a high-energy critical thinker with excellent communication skills with broad experience analyzing, troubleshooting, and solving issues within technical programs and systems. I’m personally and obsessively dedicated to the success of DAOs and the defense of freedom they represent.

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ | Enneagram: Enthusiast/Achiever | DISK: Dominance/Influence


My Resume



Grants, Growth, and Governance

As a member of the PolygonDAO grants committee, I reviewed grant applicants on their projects' merits, risks, and relevancy to Polygon and the greater crypto ecosystem. I served as Polygon's representative for the Ethereum Ethereum Adoption (EAD) and Metaverse Alliance DAO (MAD). I also drove DAO adoption and deployments as a growth team member, facilitating the movement of every significant DAO tool to Polygon POS. Now serving the Governance team, helping design and evangelize Polygon's unique ecosystem support and governance system.


Governance Solution Engineer

I cut my DAO teeth in the BanklessDAO OpsGuild and coauthored the Sobol cartographer program proposal. I went on to serve as website project champion and cofounded the FRAG Stack, a community-incentivized decentralized front-end web stack (think JAMstack but running on Radicle and IPFS). I used my experience from this to cofound the Project Management Guild and the Modern Agilist Podcast to bring agile practitioners and Web3 Operators together. I served as the Governance Solution Engineer (GSE) lead in the first cohort, during which I collated the constitution and community handbook and introduced the improvement proposal standard. Lastly, I initiated and coordinated the following partnerships during season 5: ThriveCoin, Otterspace, and MintKuods+Academy.

UPMC Enterprises

Lead Program Agilist

Created and implemented the scaling strategy for the MyUPMC program (45 engineers). Reorganized all existing groups around cross-functional units (7 teams) and subject matter specialty groups (5 tribes). Founded the Agile Working Group (AWG) to collaborate with cross-department agilists and created the MyUPMC University to house all tribe learnings. Wrote the program’s process handbook (MyUPMC Agility Handbook). Formulated the program’s delivery metrics evaluation strategy (Data-Driven Agility). Communicated and socialized all of the above through monthly Agility talks, the corporate blog, recurring internal newsletters, and one-on-ones with product owners, engineering managers, and executive leadership.


Team Manager

Established four new scrum teams (20 people) to assist in an enterprise CMS migration. Set up all standard scrum sessions and a nexus mechanism for cross-team coordination. Created and promoted an ETL-driven approach to migration that saved time, money, and quality. Worked very closely with a delivery manager to provide maximum transparency. Documented and highlighted the need for an application state map to executive leadership.

Fraction Software

Blockchain Consultant

Provide consulting and teaching services to individuals and organizations seeking to understand or integrate blockchain technology. I have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and decentralization technologies. I provide recommendations on platforms, tools, and development resources and can outline smart contact capabilities, on-chain constraints, and the feasibility of new product concepts. Highly skilled at educating stakeholders on relevant and ongoing blockchain technology advancements and risks.

33 Mile Radius

Product Lead

33 Mile Radius acquired Ghost Army Software and its products and made me responsible to continue their development and integration into their own existing product line. I built a small engineering team, drove the feature roadmap, and developed new POC capabilities for executive team evaluation. I created the mobile app (hybrid) and used containerization to move our primary local app to the cloud and thereby make it multiuser capable. I lead a bi-weekly executive summary meeting showcasing development progress, new features, and release updates and set up a company-wide dashboard showing app analytics and sales data.



Contributed to their enterprise agile transformation during this time. Facilitated standard scrum sessions and promoted best practices with the agile coaches to leadership and my peers. Executed an emergency (24hrs) e-commerce migration by extracting existing site content as JSON and recreated the appearance using a static site generator (Jekyll) without access to the production host or database.

Truth for Life


Handled all front-end changes to the main website and created marketing landing pages. Managed usability and cross-browser testing, as well as maintaining email drip campaign lists. Implemented GIT into our team’s regular workflow boosting efficiency, coordination, and transparency. Introduced cross-browser testing (Browserstack), bug reports (FogBugz), and project tracking (Trello). Dramatically increased productivity and transparency, boosting developer and executive morale through the introduction of agile methodologies and training (LeanDog).



Performed maintenance tasks on the main Sherwin-Williams site and associated partner sites. Built the multi-language European web portal through close collaboration with European partners and translation teams ensuring design and layout worked with each featured language and included information about the Sherwin-Williams business worldwide.


Stark State College

Computer Programming and Database Design

Associate's Degree - Graduated with academic distinction.


STMAC - Scrum Team Member - International Scrum Institute

SMAC - Scrum Master - International Scrum Institute

SSEAC - Scaled Scrum Expert - International Scrum Institute

SCAC - Scrum Coach - International Scrum Institute

PSM I - Professional Scrum Master - Scrum.org

PSK I - Professional Scrum with Kanban - Scrum.org

Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases - ConsenSys Academy

IBM Blockchain Essentials - IBM

IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer - IBM

Certified Blockchain Expert - Blockchain Council

Certified Cryptocurrency Trader - Blockchain Council

Blockchain & Healthcare - Udemy

Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional - Blockchain Council

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - AWS

Certified SAFe 5 Agilist - Scaled Agile, Inc

Certified SAFe 5 Practitioner - Scaled Agile, Inc

Google Analytics for Beginners - Google

GitLab 101 - GitLab

CSM - Scrum Alliance

A-CSM - Scrum Alliance

Certified DAO Expert - Blockchain Council

Certified NFT Expert - Blockchain Council

Metaverse Professional - 101 Blockchains

Token Engineering Fundamentals (1 & 2) - Token Engineering Academy

Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer - Python Institute

Mastering Business Models - Strategyzer

Certified Platform Design Toolkit Facilitator - Boundaryless

Certified Rendanheyi Expert - First Level - Boundaryless

Platform Strategy Masterclass - The Platform Institute

Team Topologies - Team Topologies Academy

Platform as Product - Team Topologies Academy

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Don't take my word for it!



Justice shares his passion for problem solving and building better software with those around him. I have been impressed by his expertise and knowledge of agile and Scrum methodologies. If anyone deserves a t-shirt that reads “Plays nicely with others” Justice is the guy!

Bruce Gay
Director of Program Management

My conversations with Justice was one of the factors that began to peak my interest in crypto years ago. His passion for blockchain, and its understanding of its potential was obvious in our conversations. While some professionals in the space are only about hype, Justice would answer my questions in a way that demonstrated deep knowledge on the subject, clearly knowing crypto & blockchain inside and out. He has only continued to build on this passion and knowledge for blockchain over the years in his free time. Justice is someone who wants the best for the team, and wants to have a positive impact. He is a professional who wants to get along with everyone. He cares about getting it right, and if he doesn't he shows self awareness and camaraderie to smooth any bumps in the road. His technical ability, people skills, and understanding of how pieces of an organization should fit together is a rare find. The crypto space would benefit from Justice's deep knowledge of blockchain from both a product and technology perspective.

Krista Krebs
Product Strategy

Justice is an extremely passionate and talented individual which has made him a great coworker. His collaboration and problem solving abilities have helped to overcome a number of challenges that our organization has faced. Over the years Justice and I have worked very closely together and have managed a number of large teams and initiatives that have lead to successful and on-time releases. Justice is eager to learn and spends much of his time continuing to improve upon his knowledge of agile process and his skillset as a team leader. In addition to what he brings to the team as an agile leader, his personality is a light in the room and he is always very engaged and interested in getting to know his coworkers. It's been a pleasure working with Justice over the years!

Caylen Harris
Product Manager

Justice is a great person to have in your organization. I’ve worked with a lot of Agilists, Product Managers, and Process People. And while all have had great intentions, not every one of them was cut out for the task at hand. Justice is razor sharp with Agile skills, but he has certain knack with soft and technical skills . That really helps him meld in to the SDLC, at the same time as melding into Product Steering. I’ve watched him execute, extremely complex planning sessions first hand. And over the past several years I’ve witnessed him saddle a somewhat unwieldy team, and helped shape it into a lean, process driven, human (patient) focused organization. He’s done all of this humbly, compassionately, diplomatically and with respect to all involved. And off of the record, he’s been a good friend.

Andrew Mortimer
Software Engineer

Justice is a passionate Sr. Scrum Master. He and I worked on AEM Project; his shared passion of Scrum mutually fostered a collaborative experience. He managed four teams consisting of twenty members to orchestrate the migration of three enterprise content management systems to Adobe Experience Manager. He lead agile ceremonies and introduced a Nexus-based Scrum of Scrums to deliver an improved cross-team product increment at the conclusion of every sprint. I do hope that we get to work on projects in future.

Himanshu Bhatia
Agile Project Manager

Justice has been a great team mate and colleague. He started the agile process build out with our current project and has been an advocate for following proper scrum procedure. He is a very pleasant person to work with and very knowledgeable about process.

James Wyman
Engineering Manager

Justice GETS IT. He is a hard worker and enjoys solving problems and finding ways to work better and more efficiently. Justice is also one of the most passionate people I have met in the industry and is a total technologist, enamored with the future of development and learning code. I know he's going to be an asset as other people become burned out and "set in their ways," Justice will continue to seek new answers and hone his skills and knowledge and make a great addition to any team who is looking to infuse not just another hand behind the wheel, but a life force into their collective.

David Puerto
Senior Microsoft engineer

Justice's passion for all things tech is truly inspiring. He is dedicated to exploring any and every option when it comes to creative problem solving and and he expects the same of his team. His love of software development and his awareness of the current tech landscape is apparent in every conversation. He would be a valuable asset to any team that shares his level of dedication to accomplishing a positive outcome for their project.

Nelson Foltz
UX Designer

You won't find many developers around like Justice, and he'd make a great addition to any development team. Justice has a constant conquest to learn new tech, and the ability to carve out a strong development path for a new project. He also knows how to continue to move a project forward and get things done, while ensuring a project is still shipped with all intended deliverables. I strongly recommend Justice to any leading tech firm looking for an emerging developer to fit a demanding development position.

Mark Shust
Full Stack Developer

Hands down, Justice is probably the most EPIC bro nerd I know. He is incredibly passionate about the latest and greatest technology and always seems to be learning something new on the side. He has a love for programming and will be an absolute asset to any team. I highly recommend Justice as a developer.

John Urbank
Senior Front End Developer

Justice’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious. All of his teammates fed off of his energy, and not one of them had a single negative thing to say about his management style or professional acumen. Additionally, Justice’s technical background as a developer sets him apart as a manager; his ability to decompose problems and articulate solutions with his peers made the difference in the success of the work his team accomplished. He constantly evangelized new technologies and encouraged many of his peers to invest in their own professional enrichment. The breadth of his skill sets is astounding, but his ability to inspire and encourage others is even more remarkable to me. I wouldn’t think twice if offered the opportunity to work with or collaborate with Justice in the future. Justice *is* that good.

J.T. Gralka
Agile Coach & Developer

You will rarely find a manager with both technical and management skills. Justice has both. I always felt comfortable discussing requirements even from technical prospective. Justice is not like typical Manager, He is friendly and helping. I really admired his commitment and honesty with the organization. He has guts to reduce development time by adopting different programmatic approaches. I really liked his Idea of 'Programmatic transformation from Angular to AEM'. That was an amazing concept! I have no doubt that it reduced estimation from months to weeks, if not days. Not only did it gave piece of mind to the dev team, it also saved huge on org budget. Having a manager like Justice is a blessing. I believe, where ever he will go, wheather dev and org, both will be happy to have him.

Abdul Kareem
Senior Java Developer

They say that you meet a few people in your life that make an memorable impact on your life. Justice is one of those people. His passion for life, knowledge of technology, and his contagious enthusiasm will rub off on anyone he works or is friends with. There is no better person and/or technologist in North East Ohio, and probably the rest of the country for that matter. This may sound like a little much; it's not. Once you've met Justice you'll understand. He's truly a one-of-a kind person both personally and professionally.

Ryan Lazuka
Crypto Venture Capitalist

Justice is one of the most knowledgeable people in his industry. His strategic and creative approach allows him to simply craft the perfect sequence to problem solve any situation that arises. Upon leading a development team, it allows his team members to feel their importance, focus on their core strengths, and continue to grow in their weaknesses. Justice possesses such a love for life in general that when you spend long periods of time with him, that transfers to you. You will never regret a moment you get to work with him. Very down to earth and always loving to bring out the best in people, Justice is one of a kind.

Randy Chmielewski
Internet Marketing

Justice is the kind of programmer who is obviously passionate and devoted to his career. It is this passion that allows him to keep learning new things about programming languages and techniques in order to always stay up to date in his field. Justice also carries himself with honesty and integrity. He would be an asset to any company.

Bryan Cable
Senior Software Design Engineer

Justice has been simply the best CIO, the best project manager I ever met. He was a source of motivation, whatever he was giving me positive or negative feedbacks. I loved chosen technologies, professional and personal suggestions and basically all the way he was managing our remote team. From a professional point of view I would highly recommend him, without any hesitation. I... really hope we can work again together in the future.

Daniele Gazzelloni
Senior Application Developer

Justice is a passionate and knowledgeable technologist with a special focus on agile frameworks and data-driven process management. He is uniquely able to quickly identify industry trends and cutting edge approaches that are able to benefit our organization’s development teams. It has been enlightening to observe Justice’s process of thinking as he discusses the rationale behind why a given approach should be implemented.

Rick Pollick
Program Agilist

I really enjoyed working with Justice as he was one of few managers I've had who looked after the well being of his team. He was one of the most energetic leaders within the department that genuinely prioritized the quality of our team's output and finished product. Justice came in every day with a positive attitude that was contagious to the rest of our group and vital to keeping our team moral at its highest when things got rough. I consistently looked forward to our daily scrum and felt comfortable coming to him with any problems because he was always ready to make time to sit with me and find a solution. I admire him most for always looking at the bright side of any situation and finding a way to grow from it. He is personable, passionate, and has motivated me to stretch myself in new directions as a developer.

Alison Falk
Product Manager

Justice Conder is a Software Engineer who I've had the pleasure to know and train on Product Scoping. His knowledge includes analysis and design of complex web applications using a variety of open source technologies. During the time Justice and I served as volunteers for the Celebrate Recovery ministry and he proved himself to be dependable with solid problem solving skills. Overall, Justice is a talented individual who I would recommend for any technology position.

Kirk McCutcheon
Allstate Insurance Company IT